Dining Table Vera round 120cm

1,859.00 EUR

Our elegant Dining Table Vera is made of genuine marble and offers you the opportunity to design an exclusive and distinguished dining place with a classic and timeless design.

Lovely to rest your eyes upon when idle, but above all pleasant and cozy with your family and friends seated around it. You can combine our dining table Vera with our popular pendant chandelier Verbier and the wooden chairs Valerie for a stunning concept.

All our marble tables are made of genuine marble. The smooth surface of this dining table has had a protective treatment to withstand dirt and moist. If something is spilled, just wipe the table with a moistened cloth. This makes the table suitable also for families with small children.

Each marble table in the Vera, Kelly series & Cube Blanc has its surface treated using a carefully developed process in several steps. Just like wood can be waxed, oiled or varnished we treat the marble both to protect it and to make it more beautiful. A step in our process includes the creation of a finish that allows us to cosmetically balance the whiteness and pattern of the marble. This makes it possible to offer our customers tables that visually will always live up to their high expectations.

Thanks to our carefully developed methods we can offer a fantastic series of tables with high estethic finish that are both practical and durable while keeping the prices moderate.

The table has a stable construction. In between the table top and the stand there’s a stabilizing slab that is anchored and screwed to the stand. This secures that the table top won’t move, slide or tip over. The table top and the table stand come in separate cartons for safe and easy shipping.

Material: Genuine marble

Dimensions: ø 120 x H. 76,2 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Delivery time: In stock.