Von Chadaux

Von Chadaux is a Swedish interior brand based in Gothenburg. We are focused on furniture and interior details in classic and timeless designs, made from selected exclusive materials such as genuine marble and solid wood.

Our premium collection in marble comprises high quality side table, coffee table and dining tables with unique design that give your home a stylish and elegant touch. Instead of a wide assortment we have chosen to focus on a few selected products with carefully crafted details.

We like to work conceptually to offer our customers inspiration and complete solutions. In the category CONCEPT you find different combinations of our popular dining tables, chandeliers and chairs for a discounted price which is 10 percent lower compared to when ordering the included products separately.

Classic designs, high quality and personal service are our guiding stars. Thanks to us selling directly to you, instead of through retailers, we are able to keep our prices low and favourable for you as consumer.

In addition to the assortment in our webshop we also custom concepts for hotel & restaurant projects. Either with the assistance of our own designers, or if you have your own sketches and ideas. Have you got a question, idea or thought you’d like to bounce with us? 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@vonchadaux.com