About Marble & stone

Marble is a timeless and classic material, beloved for its beauty, bringing elegance to any interior. At Von Chadaux we offer marble tables in two categories, Coated and Natural – to offer anyone a chance to add a note of luxury to their home.


Coated Marble

All our marble tables in the Coated Marble Category have a marble core and a laminated surface. The smooth marble is treated during a multi-step-process carefully developed to protect the stone against acidic substances. By adding a laminate layer and an extra strong resin protection we create a very durable surface that can withstand everyday use. This step of the process also includes the creation of a finish to achieve the right whiteness and apply the desired marble pattern. This makes it possible to continuously deliver tables that will always live up to our customers’ high expectations.

With our carefully developed methods, we refine less expensive marble to create a fantastic series of tables with high aesthetic finish that are both practical and durable while keeping the prices moderate.

A coated marble table is the perfect choice if:

  • You want your table to be carefree and low-maintenance, with no worries of children spilling food or the occasional wine glass tipping on an evening with friends coming over.
  • You want your table showing up as similar as possible to the product photos, rather than having to accept imperfections such as colour and pattern shifting that comes with choosing natural stone.


Natural Marble & Stone

All our stone tables in Natural Stone Category have natural veins, whose patterns vary from table to table. And since every single piece is unique, variations in tone, colour, granularity and pattern are to be expected.

All our tables in Natural category are sealed so they have been treated with end use in mind and the surface is repellent to liquids and dirt. The special stone sealer provides the optimal compromise between a natural finish and functionality. Please keep in mind that tables made from natural marble and stone needs to be looked after. Read about how to take care of your natural marble table on the Care Instructions page.

Natural imperfections

Marble and stone is a natural product, and as such imperfect. That’s a part of its charm. Imperfections and superficial fossils can remain even after polishing. These imperfections should not be confused with actual damage. In fact, there’s a name for the small cracks, holes or rough spots you might find in the marble – taroli. Variations like these are not viewed as flaws or defects subject to complaint. And they do not diminish the quality and durability of your table. Think of them as the details that give your table character, the charm of natural stone.

Carrara Bianco 

White Carrara marble is quarried in the Apuan Alps in Tuscany. This durable marble has been loved since the Antique. The colour and appearance is usually off-white or light grey background with striped veins or small dark grey holes.

Subtle, tasteful and understated elegance is the charm of Carrarra Bianco.


Statuario marble is simply one of the most exclusive marble varieties in the world, quarried in mountain quarries located above Carrara.

The veins of Statuario marble are distinct gray throughout. Its pattern is often bold and striking, while mixed with thinner veins. The availability of statuario is limited and demand is very high. This makes it a very exclusive material with a price tag to match.


Carrara has yet more to offer, in its southern area we find the quarries for Arabescato Corchia. This dramatic and elegant marble features swirls of greys and golds throughout a white slab surface.


Travertine is a kind of limestone. With its lovely cream hue it’s a sophisticated and elegant tiling material that blends nicely with most colour palettes. Travertine brings a classic minimalistic style to your home.

Calacatta Viola

This beautiful off-white marble with its striking purple veining is a stunning sight that will definitely make an impression. Calaccatta Viola is also known as Breccia Vagli and is quarried in Italy.


Nero Marquina 

Spain is the home of some lovely marble such as Nero Marquina marble (Marmol Negro). This high quality, black stone marble comes from the region of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain.

Its fine compact grain is black with white veins, which at times becomes intensely abundant. Nero Marquina is famous worldwide for its beautiful black colour and genuine beauty.