About Rattan Chairs

Our wooden chairs are inspired by the timeless and iconic designs of Pierre Jeanneret. The chair combines great comfort with a powerful shape with its angles, lines and classic details. Produced with great admiration for the timeless design and a passion for natural materials to add a touch of minimalism to your home.

Pierre Jeanneret was a Swiss architect and a cousin to famous designer Le Corbusier. After World War II he was involved in architecture and planning for the New town of Chandigarh in India. The work in India was very collaborative in spirit, and as a result there was never any formal patent issued. Instead, the chairs have been produced in Northern India since the 50s.

Natural Materials & Craftmanship

Our wooden chairs are handcrafted from solid ash wood. Rattan is a strong, flexible and high-quality material lending a unique and timeless appearance to any piece of furniture. The rattan seats and backrests of our wooden chairs are crafted and woven by hand. This results in a panel with better tension than if done by machine – resulting in higher quality and optimal seating comfort.

Please note, that rattan is a natural material that although tightly stretched might form itself to the user over time. And since rattan strings are all unique rattan panels can never be identical to each other.

Minor differences in the weave and in the exact colors, hardly visible to the eye and usually negligible, are to be expected when buying a rattan product. That’s simply one of the charms with a natural product and naturally, this has no effect on the comfort of your chair. But it’s good to keep in mind when ordering.

Custom-made Cushions

We offer custom-made cushions for our chairs. For maximum comfort we recommend using cushions on all our chairs. Cushions also has the added benefit of extending the service life of rattan, minimizing the wear.