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About Us

Von Chadaux

Let's make room for elegance.

Simplicity & Craftmanship

Von Chadaux is an interior design brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden striving to make beautiful, timeless furniture and design objects available at fair prices.

Simplicity & Craftsmanship are the key elements of our concept. With a passion for natural materials, we create elegant, minimalist furniture through the hands of our highly skilled artisans.

We have collaborated with many famous influencers and celebrities both in Scandinavia and all over Europe. Our furniture has been seen in many stunning homes, offices and showrooms.

We like to imagine our furniture placed in the middle of our customers’ life, and we design them to withstand the use and abuse that comes with everyday situations, such as when raising a family. You never have to choose between style and family life – you can have both.

Through working conceptually, we strive to offer objects that can be easily combined for a personal style, letting you match marble with the warmth of wood – all beneath some spectacular lights.

Making elegant furniture available at a fair price is one of our visions. By offering our furniture directly to our customers we avoid the upcharge from middlemen and retailers allowing us to offer you a better price.