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The story of
Von Chadaux

The story of
Von Chadaux

Von Chadaux is an interior design brand based in Sweden. With a passion and expertise in natural stone, we are dedicated to creating a collection of furniture and decor with a refined aesthetic of Italian grandeur and timeless elegance.

Design, know-how and craftsmanship

We're accustomed to tables in natural stone with simple straight or cross designs. Our vision is to shape stone pieces embracing more rounded forms, harmonizing a balance of nature and design. Our signature blend of artisan craftsmanship and technological know-how ensures each piece is crafted safely and to perfection.

Incomparable natural materials

A Von Chadaux story, written by nature. The incomparable natural materials, such as marble and stone, that we use for our designs undergo millions of years of formation. It all starts in a quarry, with its purity and authenticity. We carefully select beautiful slabs and stone blocks to suit the design. Every piece created is one-of-a-kind with its own unique history.

Time gives an object soul

With bold and sophisticated designs, our timeless pieces in carefully selected natural materials age beautifully and are made to be loved for generations. From solid wood seating to lighting crafted from refined materials, our range evolves to create a calming, balanced, and elevated living space. Explore our bespoke design services, tailored to your unique needs and style. We guide you through material selection and provide 3D design presentations to bring your vision to life.

Who is Miss Von Chadaux?

If you have ever pictured yourself behind the helm of a Riva Aquarama tearing up Lake Como. Well, then you might indeed be a Miss Von Chadaux. Welcome home, your Limoncello Spritz is just being served at the lakeside bar in Bellagio.