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Flair Pedestal Carrara custom MC

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Flair Pedestal, 30x30x80cm. Italian Carrara marble with a matte finish.

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Flair Pedestal, 30x30x80cm, custom order MC.

Italian Carrara marble with a matte finish.


This pedestal is crafted from Carrara marble with a honed (matte) finish which carries an air of sophistication and elegance. The surface of each table is sealed and treated with end use in mind, allowing us to provide the optimal compromise between a natural finish and functionality.

With a passion for natural stone, we carefully select beautiful slabs to suit the design. Each piece is crafted by our highly skilled artisans to ensure that every detail lines up perfectly.

Note: Nature never repeats herself. All our marble tables in Natural Marble Category have natural veins, whose patterns vary from table to table. And since every single piece is unique, variations in tone, colour, granularity and pattern are to be expected.

Read more information on the About Marble and Care Instructions page.

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