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Vera dining table oval 200cm, table top.

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Vera dining table oval 200cm, table top.


This table is made of coated marble. All our tables in the Coated Marble Category have a marble core and a laminated surface. The smooth marble is treated during a multi-step-process carefully developed to protect the stone against acidic substances. By adding a laminate layer and an extra strong resin protection we create a very durable surface that can withstand everyday use. This step of the process also includes the creation of a finish to achieve the right whiteness and apply the desired marble pattern. This makes it possible to continuously deliver tables that will always live up to our customers’ high expectations.

Coated marble with a laminated surface is a great choice when you want both the beauty of marble and a carefree solution with low maintenance. The protective treatment withstands acidic substances from food & drinks which makes the table suitable also for families with small children.

Read more information on the About Marble and Care Instructions page.


Length: 200cm (for 6 chairs)

Width: 100cm

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